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Being a foodie means a love of food, spices, beverages, and the overall experience of a fine meal. Fort Collins is filled with people and businesses with a passion for food and beverages. Foodie Tours can be self designed, may include a dining event, or can be lead by one of our tour companies.

Delicious dining in Fort Collins is a full time job! Fort Collins’ restaurants offer many worldly food options including Nepalese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Oaxacan Mexican, Italian, French, and Ethiopian cuisines. If you’re hungry for more seasonal options, restaurants serve locally sourced creations, harvest menus, and farm to table dishes. Restaurants dot the entire cityscape and with diverse experiences, including a concentration of restaurants in historic downtown Fort Collins.

The Fort Collins Foodie Walk is a self-guided activity that occurs every third Friday of the month. A tour of Downtown’s finest stores dedicated to everything spice, kitchen, cheese, chocolate, wine, and tea. The walk includes olive oils, balsamic vinegars, locally made breads, hand crafted cheeses tasting, and hundreds of worldly spices.

This is a free activity giving foodies a chance to discover new recipes, unique spice mixes, infused simple syrups, and the perfect kitchen tools. Wandering between the quaint shops in historic downtown offers you a chance to have a taster at the local winery, a green tea flight, or a hand crafted cocktail. Come fill your cupboards with spices and chocolates and taste buds with memorable flavors!

With every meal you must also consider your beverages. Fort Collins has many unique coffee houses, elaborate teashops, and many malt and spirit options. Cocktail bars and local organic distilleries have recently brought a renewed passion for craft cocktails to the city.

Speakeasy settings, live jazz music, and tasty charcuterie boards are the backdrop for artfully created martinis, hi-balls, margaritas and infused cocktails. Establishments dedicated to whiskeys, scotches, rums and vodkas make for wonderful ways to sit and enjoy friendly conversation. Award-winning breweries have put Fort Collins beer on the map, making it Colorado’s largest producer of craft beer. Beer lovers can discover their perfect pairing with beer taster trays at any of the 20 craft breweries, sampling wheat beers, red ales, porters and strong IPAs. Several establishments tap a wealth of local beers and ciders including one that has more than 100 taps!

A sweet tooth is never neglected in Fort Collins. Moist cakes, chocolate flourless tortes, and a simple vanilla ice cream cone are all perfect endings to a great dining experience. Walking along downtown’s sidewalks after dinner will lead you by tempting windows of sweet treats.

The greater food system is important in Fort Collins, from the Rocky Mountain water used to make our beer to locally grass fed beef from our ranches, and our long heritage of agriculture and farming. It is such a passion that there is large cooperative movement to source food for our restaurants allowing for the creativity of chefs to cook seasonally and with organic produce. The foodie movement in Fort Collins yields many tasty adventures!

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