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Stay up to date with all the local musician events taking place in Fort Collins by using our local musicians events calendar. This is the best place to find out what local musicians events are happening in Fort Collins.

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Authentic to Fort Collins
Local Artists

One of the first things you'll notice in Fort Collins is the city is infused with art from local artists. The Art in Public Places Program has celebrated local artists for over 20 years with...

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Bars & Nightlife

Downtown Fort Collins offers an abundance of activities during the day and in the evening. As a college town, the nightlife scene is a bustling, vibrant mix of art, culture, dining, craft beverages,...

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Bikes, Beers & Bands

Bikes, Beers and Bands are the three pillars of the Fort Collins Community. Fort Collins is home to over 20 craft breweries, fosters a thriving local music scene with support from the Music District...

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Food Trucks

Take the laid-back craft culture of Fort Collins, mix it with a thriving foodie scene, and you have an increasingly popular food truck culture. Find 70-plus food trucks roaming the streets of...

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