Local Artists

One of the first things you'll notice in Fort Collins is the city is infused with art from local artists. The art in Public Places Program has celebrated local artists for over 20 years with projects such as the Pianos About Town, and art that exists on every Transformer Cabinet and Sidewalk Pavers.



Local Favorites

Authentic to Fort Collins
Museums & Art Galleries

Museums in Fort Collins feature everything from hands-on activities to cultural exhibits. Multiple art galleries showcase a plethora of styles and talent. It’s easy to spend an entire day...

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Performing Arts & Live Theater

Fort Collins breathes life into the arts in the form of theatre, musical performances, dance, public art, galleries, photography and more. From the innovative to the classic, explore the unique and...

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Public Art

Fort Collins holds artistic and colorful art around each corner waiting to be experienced and appreciated. Thanks to a community commitment to Art in Public Places and talented artists, Fort Collins...

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Here’s where to find just what you’re looking for in Fort Collins. Whether you’re in the market for something to wear, something to share, or someone to do your hair, Fort Collins...

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Fort Collins Spotlight