Fort Collins Hiking

Fort Collins has several trails for walking, jogging, hiking, in-line skating, biking, or a leisurely stroll inside city limits. The trails are maintained year round and snow is removed from trails during the winter months. Trails serve as commuter routes for many students and residents as well. The beautiful scenery enjoyed along the system often makes one forget that they’re in urban Fort Collins. Just outside of the city limits, you’ll find renowned hikes and spectacular scenery. Everything from ‘lunch break’ hiking to day-long hikes, or multi-day hikes are just a short drive from the heart of town.

Information on Trails and Closures

You can check for conditions and closures in five places:

Explore the Outdoors

Fort Collins continues to rate highly on lists of towns that offer exceptional outdoor adventures...

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Hiking at Horsetooth Reservoir

Hiking is great around Horsetooth Reservoir. There are a number of trails to hike ranging from...

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Local Favorites

Authentic to Fort Collins
Guides & Tours

So you’re ready to venture into the Colorado wild, but you’re not really sure where to go. Or, maybe you don’t have the right equipment to shoot the rapids or hit some single track....

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Horseback Riding

With an abundance of trails leading into the backcountry, Red Feather Lakes and the Poudre Canyon are itching to host your next horseback riding adventure. And if you didn’t bring your own...

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Bird watching is big business. According to a 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report, birders spent an estimated $41 billion within the year on trip-related expenses and equipment. The report also...

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Biking is a great way to get to know Fort Collins. With relatively flat terrain, wide bike lanes, and trails that follow the Poudre River and Spring Creek, biking is a fun, healthy, and...

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Visitor Resources

Larimer County Natural Resources

Manages recreation at Carter Lake; Flatiron, Horsetooth, and Pinewood reservoirs; Big Thompson parks; Devil’s Backbone, Eagle’s Nest, Hermit Park, Horsetooth Mountain, Red Mountain, River Bluffs, and...

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U.S. Forest Service Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests

Manages recreation such as camping in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests (including the Poudre Canyon), and the Pawnee National Grasslands. Call or visit the website for information.

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Colorado Division of Wildlife, Northeast Region

Information on hunting, fishing, wildlife, and outdoor recreation.

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